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About enterprise VIBROTEHNIK, OOO

The VIBROTEKHNIK company offers consumers laboratory equipment for crushing, crushing and a rassev of solid materials. Main types of production of the company: 1. Sieve laboratory and analyzers sitovy, grokhota vibration; 3. Shchekovy crushers of ShchD6, ShchD10 (a cheek from stainless and manganese steel); 4. Vibration conical mills crushers of VKMD 6 and VKMD 10; 5. Crusher roll DVG 200h125 6. Crushers molotkovy MD 2h2 (laboratory), MD 5h2 and MD 5h5 (for production shops); 7. Mills knife PM 120 (laboratory) and PM 250 (for production shops); 8. Disk istiratel of ID 175, 200 and 250; 9. Istiratel cup IV 1; 11. Dividers of tests of DP 12. Vibrotable of BCA 13. DSA 14 Delitelno-sokratitelny unit. Feeders vibration PG 15. Turbula C 2.0 mixers (for laboratories) and C 50 "A drunk barrel" 16. BPU pyleulavlivaniye block.



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